Sustainability & Values

Safeguarding our Planet and defending our natural Heritage is everybody’s duty, and this is why we keep a close eye on our Supply Chain.All of Grandi & Rubinelli’s products are certified by Oeko Tex Standard 100, a Swiss certification system which ensures that no harmful substances are used in the dying of the yarn and the finishing of the fabrics. It also complies with the European legislation and the World’s leading markets most strict regulations, like U.S.A, China, Japan and Korea.

Grandi & Rubinelli identifies with the “Made in Italy”, not just as a distinctive logo, but as a way of thinking and doing business. That is why we chose transparency by joining a project called “TF Traceability & Fashion”. It is promoted by Unioncamere and aims to tell the story of our products which are 100% Italian.

Ethical Values –  We safeguard and care about workers and workplace well-being and human rights. Ethical awareness is a fundamental part of Grandi & Rubinelli’s policies and Worker’s Rights and Conditions are particularly respected, not only in accordance to all regulations, but also by taking care, promoting and upholding their legitimate expectations, aspirations and their well-being.

Humanitarian Projects.
Grandi & Rubinelli is active in social and welfare issues. We give part of our financial profit to International Projects that helps People in Need.

Certificato Traceability and Fashion

TF Traceability & Fashion

Traceability controlled by the system of Italian Chambers of Commerce.
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Certificato Oeko Tex

Quality Control Oeko-Text Standard 100 Class ll

Respect for the human-ecological requirements.
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