Exclusive Design Development

Exclusive designs

We provide to our customers our knowledge and long time experience in the developments of exclusive designs. Every single season we create an average of 8000 designs.

Customized Service

We are pleased to welcome our Customers who require Customized Service a tour of our Mill in Novara. All of our fabrics Archives are available and can provide a useful inspiration in creating Exclusive Designs. Our Creative Team is ready to assist and work with Customers here in our offices using the CAD System and finalizing with them all developments. Customers can also get assistance in developing their own personalized exclusive designs by sending us their requests, their specifications and color themes. In this case, we will implement their projects and send them paper Cads or fabric blankets for approval.

Prompt Service

Our customers can review an extensive archive and, thanks to flexible, up-to-date computing tools, quickly obtain rich and original developments.