The decision to produce entirely in Italy, unlike many of our Italian competitors who started outsourcing many years ago, represents something special. The purpose of keeping our entire production in our country, is to defend a most valuable project: to maintain and enrich all the skills that have been the strength of the whole Italian Textile Tradition supply chain with its extraordinary quality. Grandi & Rubinelli simply didn’t want that to lose these special and irreplaceable professional skills. No foreign ultra – modern Industrial structure, will ever be able to compete with our Luxury products, with their truly sophisticated elegance and refined look. Each careful step that we take, and all of our thoughts, are devoted to strengthening these fundamental values.

Shirts are unique garments that have characterized different life styles through time and history. Various kinds of plain weaves have been the primal way of dressing at the eve of our civilization. From the Kalasiris, a short linen tunic used by the early Egyptians, to the famous Chiton of Pericles Golden age in Athens, to the rich, white silk ruffled shirts worn by Lord Beau Brummel, the iconic British men’s fashion arbiter. And of course, it continues up to our days with immaculate and bespoke shirts worn by the political and financial elites of today, to the crumpled and creased washed shirts of our contemporary youth carelessly worn over Jeans.
For each kind of customer, selecting a Grandi & Rubinelli fabric, means a precise choice of wearing the best possible Italian Style, conceived and totally produced in Italy.

It is by following our particular vision, and the defense of our Italian Excellence and production, that Grandi & Rubinelli has developed its business System and its industrial capacity. This company has been founded on each worker being encouraged to achieve his or her full potential, with respect of roles and structures, and to express its point of view and be truly involved in the decision-making processes and to concentrate all actions on achieving shared objectives. What underlies everything we hold dear and stays at the root of our success, are the loyal, trustworthy and friendly relationships that we have built over the years with our customers. These very special connections are the ones that encourage and inspire our Team to find fast and smart solutions that can anticipate all of our Customers’ needs, and that can open up new and uncharted paths.