Company Profile

The Grandi & Rubinelli weaving mill was founded in 1992 by Remo Grandi and Ubaldo Rubinelli to fulfill their passionate dream of producing in Italy the finest Shirtings Fabrics. This became possible by creating a mill where great technical skills combined with exquisite craftsmanship, could live harmoniously with special attention to human relationships and the working environment. This precious heritage has been carefully preserved and enhanced to build a valuable Team that is the true reason of our Success.

Mr. Grandi and Mr. Rubinelli both had a long history of excellence and competence, thanks to their professional history having worked for years for Leading Companies in the shirting Textile Business.

A strong and competent vision determined by an absolute commitment and a constant search of the best available quality in shirting fabrics are the founding pillars on which this company has grown into what it is today. This has been possible by carefully controlling all the various aspects of the supply chain, starting with the best and finest available yarns, all the way through dyeing, warping, weaving, and finishing of all our cloths. This is a Company that truly demonstrates Italian Excellence, which has gained Worldwide recognition through a perfect mix of tradition and innovation.

Today Grandi & Rubinelli combines high craftsmanship with the most innovative and modern machinery: a flexible and efficient structure that can guarantee precise deliveries. The Creative and Product Development office, where structures, designs and colors are constantly researched with great taste, is the source of our Seasonal Collections and of all the exclusive patterns crafted for the most demanding Customers.

This is why Grandi & Rubinelli is one of the most valuable shirting fabric suppliers to the best Luxury and Total Look Fashion and Shirtings Brands.